Jeff: Yeah, Sara used to be a lawyer. But once she got the chance, she gave it all up to be a tribute band manager/roadie/driver. Only thing that ever really gave her joy in her life. And that’s how Paul & Oates can afford their lifestyle. After all, it should come as no surprise that Sara?

She’s a rich girl.

Jeremy: Well said, compatriot. 🙂 And ahhhhh it feels so good to get out of that tour bus. I designed the interior to be tacky, but I learned a valuable lesson for the future, and that is, if you’re going to draw tacky, at least make the color scheme something that you would like to look at as an artist. There must be a happy medium, and I intend to find it! This comic is constantly about learning along the way.

I think Elle’s shirts are going to be our way of using Ouro Bros to call out our friends’ work. This particular shirt of Elle’s makes reference to one of my favorite comics to read every Monday and Wednesday, and that is the marvelous Little Guardians, written by Ed Cho and drawn by Lee Cherolis. You may remember me mentioning Lee before in this comic, where he and his lovely wife Samantha gave me some photo reference of them playing their ukuleles. That comic also happens to feature Elle’s other “promotional” t-shirt to date, which is a shout-out to comic bud Joe Hunter. Get out there people, and read some more comics (if you don’t already, that is)!