Jeff: If this had been a cartoon, the fall off the cliff would have been accompanied by a shot of the Bros’ sitting in the front of the van, necks stretching downward off frame, Bal turning to scowl at Stan, who innocently blinks back (with the classic xylophone-style “ba-dink, ba-dink” sound) and holds up a little sign (on a really long stick, since his arms have now stretched down below view) that says, “Whoops?” with a please-don’t-kill-me grin. The van would then complete the surrender to physics and fall off the cliff, with the Bros’ screams, the classic car-crash sound (complete with loose, rolling hubcap), and a screech from the eagle who’s flying around in the background of panel 2.

Man, I miss the Road Runner and Coyote cartoons.

Jeremy: You took the words right out of my mouth, dude.  I was very inspired by Looney Tunes when I drew this strip.  I loved drawing the two-tone cliffs.  All I could think of was… well… you said it!

And what’s the deal with the boys using fold-up paper maps?  I mean, come on.  If they’re not going to invest in a piece of electronic equipment, they should at least have a road atlas.  All that unfolding, and then trying to re-fold it up exactly the way it was?  I have a feeling that these guys are doomed to learn everything the hard way.  I want to reach in there and smack these guys sometimes.

Jeff, did I just get all fired up about a fold-up map?  Man, I must be tired.  I think I should just go to bed…