Jeremy: And here are other members of Elle’s Belles, ladies and gentlemen. Meet Carl (the big one) and Lew (the skinny one).  It was about time we saw members of Elle’s band besides herself, eh?  I had been anxiously awaiting the moment we would be able to introduce these two guys in particular.  Up until the script was written, we hadn’t even fleshed out what other members of the band would even look like, so when given the go-ahead, I joyfully started sketching away, and these guys pretty much flowed out of the graphite in my pencil.

What is it with Elle? She is such a moody little… bass player… sometimes, isn’t she?  And poor Balthazar looks pretty hurt in that last panel, doesn’t he?  Looks as if he might just shed a few tears.  Ah, the harsh world of rock ‘n’ roll shows and learning to play well with others…

Jeff: While re-reading this strip in its finished format, I pondered to myself, “Self, do you need to blog about how the scrawny guy’s name is Lew, and how there’s still another member of Elle’s Belles that hasn’t been seen yet?” And I responded, “Nahhh.” I feel better about having these conversations with me so that I can move forward in a true spirit of bipartisanship with my brain.

Jeremy: Four members in Elle’s Belles? That’s twice the band that Ouro Bros. is. Yes, I can do math.