Jeremy: Drawing this comic was particularly fun for a couple of reasons.  One, I got to draw the Bros all old and wrinkly, which was cool.  I thought it was especially funny to make Balthazar a chrome dome (much like where I am headed, hair-wise), and keep Stan’s flowing locks (that lush hairscape of a man).

Another fun aspect was making a panel transition with the smoke.  I like little stuff like that, as it reminds me more of what comic books do, and takes it out of the standard strip format for a moment in time.

Are these guys ever going to get out of the Utah desert?!  FIND OUT NEXT TIME (time… time…)!

Jeff: …time… time… ti- Uh, yes. They will. Otherwise, it’d be called The Ouro Bros and the Neverending Desert of Utah, and that’s just not as snappy.