Jeremy: OOOOOOOO pixelated censorship! The raciest Ouro Bros yet!  Next week: Stan’s man-boobs…

We thought we would do a fun tribute to an awesomely talented and hilarious cartoonist, who is also a Lancaster County local. This honorable gentleman goes by the name of Mike Witmer, and his sweet-ass comic is Pinkerton. Mike has been creating his extremely funny strip, chocked full of the “lovable” woodland creatures you see roaming around today’s Ouro Bros offering, since 2007.

When we came up with the idea for a Lancaster, PA, visit on the Neverending Tour, we wanted to try to include some fun local flavor, which denizens of Lancaster County have been able to experience on Ouro Bros for the past little bit. Mike even requested (by commenting on an early Lancaster storyline strip) to be added as a homeless person. Little did he know what was already in the works. We see your homeless person, Mike, and we raise him one bottle in a brown paper bag (and a little bit of drool). Thanks (in advance) for not raining holy terror down on us for depicting you in such a manner.

Jeff: Those of you familiar with Pinkerton will definitely appreciate Jeremy’s take on the characters, here. I think he did a smashing job of capturing their essence. Hopefully, Mike will agree!

Also in this strip, we see a little bit of dissent between the brothers. They’ve been pretty tight up until this point. And shall continue to do so. Not really looking at introducing any sibling drama. I’m the oldest of four siblings; had enough of that growing up, thankyouverymuch. (Note to Meg, Matt, & Phil: Just kidding, guys.)