Jeremy: Ah, the first strip. Isn’t it a wonderful thing? Although Jeff wasn’t aware at the time he wrote the script for this one, when I booked the first few tours for my band, I had the most anally put-together tour itineraries.  I acquired a 3-ring binder, and had each day of the tour separated by tabbed dividers.  Each divided section had Mapquest directions from the previous town (yes, this was before consumer GPS units, people), the accompanying Mapquest map (for cross-referencing with a road atlas, since Mapquest is ridiculously wrong half the time), and a page that had all the show info (including where exactly to be for load-in, order of bands, etc), whose floor we were crashing on, whether or not we were to be fed, what time we had to leave the next day to get to the next show on time, and the list goes on.  Man, those things were helpful.

Jeff: And when I went on road trips with my family as a kid, I was always the Keeper of the Atlas™, so I can sympathize, man. Anyway, this is the beginning of The Ouro Brothers’ journey – not to mention ours as well. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.