Jeff: Check it out! Things are really starting to happen for the Bros. And with this show in Philadelphia’s own Milkboy, The Gordo Bordello Orifice Ouro Bros are on their way to fame, right? Woo!

Jeremy: So the Ouro Brothers, and that muscular guy in the purple shirt, arrive at another real life location. Seems that neither the fictional clubs, nor the real world venues, can get the band’s name right. Serves those guys right for having a name that is hard to pronounce and/or spell!

It’s fun to find real places for our cartoon band to make their fictional tour stops. Where else do you think these guys should play? Please weigh in down in the comments section! And while you’re at it, what are some other fun incorrect versions of “The Ouro Bros” that you would like to see misspelled/misinterpreted on a show bill? We might just use your suggestion in a comic sometime (and we’ll gladly point out who suggested it in the comic blog, too). Thanks!