Jeremy: This strip took much longer to draw than I thought it would, but I am really happy with the result.  It’s the first strip where you (the reader) actually sees the Bros’ van in its entirety (add parts of panel 1 to parts of panel 2)!  I am really pleased overall with everything.  Especially the “store-designed” window sign.  Such lovely fonts! What a fantastic color scheme!  Everything really “pops” and “flows”!  Also, misused quotation marks, on a misspelled word, CAPITAL LETTERS, the color red, and then underlined to boot?  Now that is sure to get the point across 😉

And… I’m done.  But yeah, I am proud of today’s strip.  The long time spent was well worth it 🙂

Jeff: And even with the supremely awesome badness of all that, it’s The Map that really gets me, here. As any parent of a Dora fan can tell you, this little guy is about as close to losing his mind as he is thick. While his song does have a verse, the chorus and majority of it consists of him singing, over and over, “I’m the map! I’m the map! I’m the map! I’m the map!” And with his bugged-out eyes, and the fact that apparently Dora won’t talk directly to him, but only through you, the viewer… I’m wondering about some sort of nasty childhood for the guy.