Jeremy: Feral Penguins!  When Jeff handed me the script for this one, I liked the idea of feral penguins so much, that an idea for a t-shirt formulated in my skull.  Below is a rough sketch/layout of that idea.  I think I would like to give it another go, and show a bit more action, but I figured I would share this version to go along with today’s comic release!


And as you may have noticed, we have the boys fleeing Inky in a double-tall strip format for today.  Twice the Ouro Bros for a single day’s post!  And speaking of Inky, the man on which Jeff and I based this character wrote a blog post referencing this particular part of the comic’s storyline.  You can find it here.

I might add that the very last line of the comic particularly deals with said friend being deathly afraid of a guy giving him a hug.  Man, it was fun to lampoon someone we know (that we knew could take the ribbing).  Hopefully the humor in this series of comics was not completely lost on those readers who have never met the real life “Inky”.  I personally think Jeff did a great job making Inky a standalone character that was goofy enough in his own right.

Jeff: Meanwhile, in the mutual admiration society that is Jeremy and me, I was suitably impressed by Jeremy’s work in the action shot (panel 3). One thing I’ve never been quite able to convey well in my own drawing is the feeling of fast, frantic motion. My character drawings tend to be in static tableaus, or at the most, walking. Anything speedier than a stroll just looks…awkward. I’m quite pleased with the motion and momentum in the above panel. Kudos, dude!

Also, I’d like to take an informal poll. Would anyone reading out there be interested in Ouro Bros T-shirts or anything like that? If so, or if not, please sound off in the comments below, and ask others to pipe in their opinions, too. Don’t wanna put in the effort if nobody’s gonna be interested, but would love to put some muscle behind something that people want!