Jeremy: So, we get to experience yet another service of Ultimate Ukuleles – The rental rehearsal space. Thankfully, UU stocks their rehearsal spaces with some quality bass rigs for Elle to rock out with. I’d say that she isn’t too annoyed at the sound of her bass in here. Either that, or she just really needed to let off some steam, and the sound didn’t matter so much this time.

To add yet another in-world brand, you may have noted that the soda machine in this room is fully stocked with Marvin Berry Cola. On a related note, I watched the Johnny Be Goode scene in Back To The Future multiple times to get some inspiration for guitar rockin’, for Stan, Elle, and Chester. It can be fun to do these rocking out scenes, but sometimes I am at a loss for some good reference, as most photos online of bands performing seem to showcase the most boring looking musicians. You’d think that typing “_Insert Musician Here_ Rocking Out” in Google’s search would yield some exciting live shots. You’d be pretty much wrong. Mostly just guys and girls standing around shoe-gazing. But anyway, Michael J. Fox delivers a killer energetic performance in BTTF, so that was a lot of fun to watch for reference.

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