Jeremy: We bring you the conclusion of this 2nd Anniversary Week for The Ouro Bros. and the Neverending Tour, and what appears to be the end of Elle’s membership in Elle’s Belles – the band bearing her name. What is in store for the remaining members of Elle’s Belles? What is in store for Elle? And what does all this mean for Stan, Balthazar and Chester? Do you think Elle is going to stick around Kilgore and the Bros, or is she headed off down a lonely road?

We would love to see your comments today, as we are wrapping things up for the week. What did you think of our special 2nd anniversary story? Did you enjoy the format (i.e. full page)? What was your favorite part about this week’s story? What did you like the least? I know, I have posed many questions. All in all, we would love to know what you think. If you enjoyed this week, as well as what has come before for the Ouro Bros., please tell someone new about our comic. We’ll see you back here Thursday!