Jeremy: So, the van remodel is done, and these 4 musicians have a traveling home that fits them. This brings us to the conclusion of 3 full years of stories that led up to this point, stories about how our band got together. Some might say that it has been a story about two brothers who naively set out on a musical touring adventure, not knowing what to expect, and who they would meet. It also might be spoken in some circles that it has been a story about two other creative minds, somewhat discontent with their places in their own worlds and yearning for something more, who found some balance in the Ouros and who gave some balance in return. Commenters, what are your interpretations? What have you seen happen between the lines of the presentation of these weekly comic strips? Weigh in below!

Our 4th year, and the continuation of the comic, will see the new adventures upon which this foursome embarks together. And before we get started down that road, we have a special adventure in the interim. And trust us when we say that this is huge! Details next Thursday!