Jeff: Annnnd…enter Elle, as referenced in this comic. Stay tuned for more from her. …Erm…or not. Don’t wanna be giving you any spoilers. Yeah, so stay tuned for more or less from her.

Jeremy: What’s this? Jeff, are you hinting that there is the potential for more characters?  Or even that we may have planned for additional characters from earlier on, as referenced in another strip?  Well, I only signed on for 2 regular characters.  We may have to renegotiate my contract, or at least give this “Elle” some sideburns.  Yes, sideburns.

So, I added strings to the guitars this time around.  Not only was it completely necessary in order to denote the tuning of Stan’s guitar, as well as the broken string on this “Elle” character’s bass, but I suppose I needed to make things a bit more visually detailed, since rock instruments are, and will be, a continued feature of this comic.  I think they turned out pretty decent, but there is probably room for improvement.  For now, I suppose we can be happy that Stan (and other guitar players) aren’t playing string-less guitars.

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s installment of The Ouro Bros.!