Jeremy: I don’t know much about sports, but The Oklahoma Tarp Wigglers sounds like a college football team.  Can I get any sports fan out there to confirm that for me?

I have to thank Jeff for allowing me to draw two very fun elements in this strip.  One is Elle giving her “What the Hell” pose in panel one, and two is Balthazar doing another off-panel head pop-in.  I don’t know why, but those really crack me up, and are fun to draw.

So, Elle has been left behind by the Belles, and is seemingly preparing to go for a little (or very long) ride with Stan and Balthazar, in this first comic of our brand new second volume of The Ouro Bros. and the Neverending Tour.  What adventure awaits this little trio in this brand new chapter of our story?  One can only hope it doesn’t involve brussel sprouts…

Jeff: Hello, dear readers. I just wanted to check with you all and make sure that you guys all like Elle. She working out for you? I really hope so, ’cause get ready to see a whole lot more of her!

…No, I didn’t mean it like that! C’mon!