Jeremy: This is one of those comics where I decided on a treatment by accident. I had drawn out all panels except for the cutesy one with the cricket sounds, and then I did a quick sketch of that panel for placement of characters to send to Jeff and get his opinion. Basically, it was just ovals on top of blobs to represent each person (with the intention of eventually giving it the same drawing style as the others, but at that point, I just wanted to get Jeff’s opinion on placement/perspective). Once I got started drawing the panel, I thought, “hey, those blobs kinda remind me of cutesy/chibi characters. And thus, a panel was arrived upon quite by accident. But I think it makes for a fun transition, don’CHEW?

Jeff: Now I kinda wanna write a spin-off comic: Li’l Ouros! Particularly with Li’l Baby Chester. He’s so cute, wif his widdle keytar! D’awwww! 😀