Jeremy: Where on Earth did Jeff come up with that odd English language hybrid?  I have a strange and wonderful collaborator, and his name is Wordspout. The instructions were fun to create.  I moved type around to “subtly” create the look of a manual printed on a machine with varying registrations, almost like an old typewriter in some ways.  One of my favorite parts about the manual is the overuse of exclamation points with the Warning heading.

Jeff: You wanna know where the language came from? Well, I’ll tells ya. I went to my trusty multilingual tool and friend, Google Translate, and told it what I wanted to say. Then I said, translate this to Japanese. Now, translate that to Turkish. And then Mandarin Chinese. Now English. I looked at the language that came out of this international game of robo-telephone and said, “Hm. That didn’t work at all. Guess I hafta make it up.”