Jeremy: I’ma let Jeff start, but Presspot Coffee made the best pot of all time. Oh, and Stan shifted his guitar from the front to the back and back to the front again a lot in this strip.

Jeff: Once again, we had to throw in some references to one of our favorite movies, here. Also, speaking of throwing stuff in, please give it up for two very special guests in this week’s strip, both of whom were significant backers of our Kickstarter from last summer. First, and most prominently, Linda Masters, a fantastic coordinator, friend, and colleague of mine. Please know that she isn’t nearly this cranky in real life; it’s just that the Ouro version of Linda is in the middle of a bit of a time crunch! Our other guest, standing as resolutely in the background as a statue of resolution, is the one and only, Matt Burkholder, course director in the show production program at Full Sail University, and one of my brothers. Thanks so much for your help, guys, and I hope you feel we did you justice!