Jeremy: At some point, you all might be able to see the full glory that is the background used in today’s strip.  I would have had to make the characters pretty small to show you the details of the full building facade, plus I wanted to keep the panels tight, so you would only see one character entering from the left at a time.

Speaking of characters, our friend in the brown bomber jacket with the handsome goatee is based off of none other than the gentlemanly Lancastrian David Moulton, who was so kind as to bring us on the Lancast to do an interview a while ago.  This tour stop in Lancaster will allow us to have at least a few more appearances of friends in the area, or characters based off of people we know.

Jeff: Yeah, part of the reason for this whole stop-in-Lancaster storyline is to give us a chance to throw in some fun cameos of not only people we know, but places we’ve been. Up until now, most of the background details are just stuff that Jeremy and I have made up on the fly, but now, we’re dealing with real places, and it makes the characters themselves feel a little more real. A little more grounded. Well, except for Elle right now. Girl is nowhere near “grounded” at the moment.

There’s a joke in there about being “grounded” and tying that in with “coffee grounds”. You have permission to synthesize that joke yourself. But know that the chuckle it garners had its genesis in me.