Jeff: The thing I enjoyed most about writing this strip was throwing in the fact in the last panel that Chester’s really just a big teddy bear. He’s big and bulky, but he’s worried that he freaked out Bushy the Mullet Man.

Jeremy: Speaking of Bushy the Mullet Man, and since this is our last strip before Christmas, I gave Bushy a Christmas-y color scheme – red, green, and gold. It’s the little touch that means so much, eh?

As far as colors go in general, sometimes I feel like I get an okay to half-decent color palette going for a strip, and other times, the color just really seems to come through spectacularly. I feel like today’s strips is one of the latter. I am really pleased with the level of color dynamics and contrast achieved. I don’t really have an extensive knowledge of color palettes; I kinda just keep picking hues, etc. in Photoshop until a color I am adding looks decent with other colors on the page. It’s more of a trial and error thing, than it is any kind of learning. I really should study color theory and palettes a little more. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should enroll in art school or something, eh? No wait. I don’t want to go back to school. And YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE ME!!!

So, online tutorials it is, then.