As this is the beginning of The Ouro Bros. and the Neverending Tour, we thought it might be a good idea to introduce both ourselves and the strip.

First, the strip: For full information about Stan and Balthazar Ouro, feel free to hit the About page. The minimum you need to know, though, is this: With a little bit of cash, a van, a guitar, a drum set, and a dream, they have set out to…well, do that dream thing I just mentioned.

As for us, I’m Jeff, the chief writer. I also write and draw the comic strips Zoidland (at, and The Social Life of Frank and Linh (which appears on Ken Mueller’s Inkling Media blog). I also edit the Gloaming Gap short story site, so my gradual takeover of all media is off and running.

Oh, and my partner is Jeremy. He, like, draws. And stuff.