Jeremy: Yay for “dramatic” outside-the-3box strips!   I think that the reason I like doing these as much as I do, is because I don’t have to conform the art around what fits inside a long skinny horizontal rectangle, I get to conform the boundaries around what I want to do with the art.  Of course, what does that say about me as a so-called comic strip artist?  Does it mean I can’t be creative enough to work out something of equal visual value within a 980 pixel x 415 pixel rectangle?  I guess we will just have to see what I can do as time goes on.

Speaking of breaking format, we have something special coming up for you all next week, but I’ma let Jeff be the spokesperson for that announcement, since he hooked it up. Stay tuned!

Jeff: So, here’s the announcement: C’mon back Monday for something special!

…How’d I do?

Jeremy: Not bad, Jeff. Not bad.  Yes, we are having two updates, the regular one later in the week as scheduled on Thursday, but then an earlier special update on Monday.  Two Ouro Bros offerings in one week! So, remember to check back here on Monday!