Jeremy: One more scare, and Stan is as good as Cousin Itt. :nods:

Jeff: Hey, Readers – We need your help! We’re returning to SPX this year, and would like to offer something new and special to our visitors. As those of you who got our book last year should probably know, Jeremy put in a lot of time and effort in creating the special chapter title pages in the book, each of which is a parody of a well-known album cover. We’re considering making prints of these available, but since there are 14 of them, we don’t know that we need to do all of them! This is where you come in! Look through the images below, and let us know which album covers (you can pick your 3 favorites) you’d most like to see as an LP-sized print! And share this with others – the more responses we get, the better!


NOTE: OK, it doesn’t look like the poll is working on the site, so let us know over here!And…GO!