Jeremy: And now to the less obscure “fashion” references. To the super “Most Excellent” friends of the movie series, we do realize that Balthazar is sporting the Ted clothes while giving himself the Bill-styled name, but it was just too good to pass up, using Stan’s full name as his middle name in this strip (Ted “Theodore” style), since we have already established it. Plus it just seemed like Balthazar was a better fit for the Ted look. There are probably quite a few of you who would have said nothing (or noticed nothing), but I still had to put it out there to those who would have.

As far as Bill and Ted and their adventures/journeys go, I think one of my favorite lines in that duet of movies is “You killed Ted, you medieval DICKWEED!” I laugh to myself nearly every time I think of that part in the movie.

Jeff: I was always quite amused by the fact that Beethoven sits down at the organ and begins playing a Mozart piece… (yes, that turns into an Extreme song, but still). So what were some of your favorite lines/scenes in the Bill & Ted films, Dear Readers? And anyone thinking positively about the rumors about a Bill & Ted 3?