Jeff: Say it with me, everybody: Dun-dun-DUNNNN!!

Jeremy: Looks like all that heavy driving and playing got the better of our band. What happened? Looks like a smash-up in or around Frederick, MD! Hey, I know somebody who lives in Frederick, MD. His name is Chris Williams, and he draws an awesome journal comic called Christopher: The True Story of a New Father. Personally, I love to see his drawerings. I could look at even more of his drawings than just the ones in that comic, to be honest. I want that wish to come TRUUUUUE. You hear that, Chris? This is a challenge. I want to see something special. I will give you one week to deliver. Game on, bro.

Jeff (yes, again): Ooh, and bonus points to the first commenter with an explanation for today’s strip’s title!