Jeremy: Have you ever been at a show and talked so loud, that the music stopped and you were still speaking at that volume?  That has happened to me many times.  Fortunately never enough to get yelled at by the band playing, but if I was standing close enough for the band to hear me, I would probably be that close because I was interested in watching them, and wouldn’t be talking during their set.  I think Stan can be pretty oblivious, though.

Jeff: I was going to say something scintillatingly interesting here, but I can’t think of anything that qualifies as either scintillating, interesting, or, well, really worthy to be said. So, I’ll let Jeremy continue talking.

Jeremy, Again: When I was drawing this one, I had to have some people in Panel 3 that were annoyed at Stan for talking during the band’s set, but I figured that the people who would actually be annoyed with him would be the people that enjoyed cover bands, hence the Creed t-shirt on the shaved head dude.  I will say no more about that connection, but some of you know what I’m talking about, eh?  The people who wouldn’t be annoyed at Stan would be the ones also talking during the band’s set, and likely even mocking them aloud between songs.  One of the common ones that I used to hear at shows was “PLAY ONE LESS!!!”  Anyone remember any particularly good between-song heckling from a show/concert that they wish to share?