Jeff: I know tonight’s strip may feel a little out-of-order, given that the Bros got back on the road last week. But this is actually their return to the bona fide tour, instead of just a random open mic night. …And I suppose if I had written things better, I wouldn’t have had to explain that just now… Dang.

Jeremy: When the idea for the GPS having a “celebrity voice pack” install was thought up, it was right around the time that Mel Gibson had gone on his most recent publicized tirade, and I had jokingly suggested to Jeff that maybe the GPS could threaten that horribly inappropriate things would happen to the Bros if they didn’t follow its directions. Perhaps it’s better that Jeff chose the more “family friendly” route for celebrity voice antics. Yes, perhaps this route was the best one to take… 😉

Also, I got endless entertainment out of drawing Balthazar’s reaction in panel 2. Especially the extended pinky finger on his left hand.  Sometimes the littlest details of drawing this comic make me want to barf laughter into a copper kettle and make a laugh barf stew.